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Queens College - CUNY

Jerry Seinfeld was here!

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Anyone who's ever used the more rundown computers at Rosenthal Library would know that we've LJ-people checking their journals there. (If you type the LJ URL, you'll oftentimes get a list of previously accessed journals.)

So here's a LiveJournal community to all past, present, and future students here. I'm surprised no one's created one sooner. (Since Xanga has at least two QC communities already.)

After you've become a member, go make a post to introduce yourself. Here's some suggestions: name, age, class standing, year of graduation/admission, previous schools attended, clubs you've joined, current classes, (plans for) major/minor, current jobs, work-study, how far you live from campus, interests, etc.

As they say, "If you build it, they will come." So feel free to join and make any suggestions as you deem necessary. Share your thoughts. Rant about your professors or ask questions about registrar; right now, anything goes. I'm as curious to how many people turn up as the rest of you.

- Jenny (QC-CUNY student)
  Dec. 17, 2003

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