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Withdraw or P/NC? [Mar. 11th, 2010|09:05 am]
Queens College - CUNY


Hello, all. So I have an elective class that I don't want to take anymore but it's too late to drop it now. Should I withdraw or P/NC that class? Which option would not effect my financial aid?

Also, this is my last semester to receive financial aid and I want to apply for a study abroad program. Can I apply for FAFSA for the program or does the program count as a semester?


[User Picture]From: lostarkeo
2010-03-11 02:33 pm (UTC)
A P/NC is probably your best option. A withdrawal may adversely affect your financial aid. You should still check with the Financial aid office in Jefferson before deciding to withdraw.

Also, for the study abroad program, it does act as a semester. According to the website (listed below): "Finanical aid may be used for education abroad. Both direct costs and indirect costs of a study abroad program are included to calculate a student's financial aid package.... You must apply through your home institution to receive financial aid for any study abroad program you choose; once your aid package is awarded, you are responsible for making certain that all funds are forwarded to the appropriate U.S. institution which sponsors the study abroad program."

However, they do mention other forms of aid. It's up to you to consult with the proper offices in order to get the most out of it. Good luck!

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